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Support services
  • Dedicated phone number, with no additional costs for the insured: 0800 896 335
  • You receive the Second medical opinion report in about 10 business days after provision of all information
  • In case the diagnosis is disconfirmed or an alternative treatment plan is prescribed, the case manager will guide you through the next steps.
  • This is the stage where specialist doctors analyse and offer you the possibility to choose among the best 3 treatment plans for your medical condition, outside Romania
  • Medical Concierge represents a complex service for identification of appropriate medical centres, schedule of appointments and solutions for logistics issues related to in-hospital care and treatment, booking of transport means and accommodation for you and/or your companion (two companions are covered in case of minors)
  • All travel arrangements, commuting included, will be made by Teladoc on your behalf
  • If you wish to find out additional details on this clause and how you can access it for you and your family, please contact our sales representatives at Allianz-Tiriac offices.
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