• Flexibility to chooseout of 3 territorial coverage plans, depending on the desired protection level
  • Online acquisition
  • Costs compensation through Storno Clause, generated by the cancellation and interruption of the trip

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A fast and simple claim process

File a claim online or by phone
Flexibility in adding extra details after claim notification
Support in case of a medical emergency or claim compensation

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

The travel policies issued by Allianz-Tiriac will cover the medical and repatriation expenses related to the illness with COVID-19, and for the clients who choose the Storno clause, the expenses related to the cancellation or interruption of the trip will also be covered.

Exceptions are travel to the United States and Canada, as well as to countries in a state of emergency the day before the entry into force of each insured risk.

However, the risk is covered if the state of emergency is declared when the insured is already in the destination country.
  • Plan A:  In all countrires, except USA, Canada, Romania and the residential country of the insured person
  • Plan B: In all countries, except Romania and the residential country of the insured person
  • Plan C: In Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, except the residential country of the insured person

Complete the Voiaj insurance with the following optional additional clauses:

  • Personal accidents
  • Luggage*
  • Third party insurance
  • Storno clause.
  • * In case of non- attaching these clause,  the damage of the luggage while it is left in the care of a transport company, as well as expenses incurred for the purchase of goods of strict necessity, if the luggage was delivered by the carrier late , are not covered by the Allianz-Tiriac travel policy.

    The responsibility in case of delay, damage or loss of luggage belongs to the company that carried out the transport: the airline, the car transport company, or another carrier (railway, naval, etc.), so that the necessary steps to recover the damage must be directed to them, according legislation in force.


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