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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Direct settlement is, by law, an optional damage management service to the insurer where the injured person has concluded the MTPL policy. The service is obligatorily offered by the insurer at the conclusion or renewal of the policy. The purchase of this clause is optional for the insured.

The direct settlement allows that, in case of a vehicle accident, the damaged person to receive the compensation from the insurer at which he concluded the RCA policy.

The direct settlement clause is available if the following conditions are cumulatively met (according to Art. 26 alin. 1 from Law 132/2017):

  • The accidents occur on the Romania territory
  • The vehicles involved in an accident and are registered in Romania
  • The prejudices are made exclusively to the vehicles
  • The both vehicles involved in car accident have available MTPL insurance on the event date
  • The injuries exclude personal injury.
  • Direct settlement is not applied on the following situations:
  • The car accidents occur outside Romania territory
  • The vehicle involved in car accidents are not registered in Romania
  • The car accident includes peronal injury
  • In the event are involved more than two vehicles
  • One of the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident doesn't have an available MTPL at the date' event
  • When it occurs additional materials damage, others than vehicle damage.

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