Protection against natural catastrophies

According to the modified and reissued law 260/2008, all homeowners are obliged to conclude a mandatory home insurance issued by PAID
  • Financial protection only in case of natural catastrophies of earthquake, floods and landslides within a fixed insured amount, which in most of the cases doesn't cover the value of the propriety
  • Extended financial protection by including in insurance the rest of the risks which are threating the home and the assets by concluding a collateral home insurance My Home

A fast and simple claim process

File your claim online or by phone
Self-assessment and fast payment of the claim
Claim compensation

Frequent Asked Question (FAQs)

The mandatory home insurance (PAD) can be bought from any Allianz-Tiriac branch.

In case of a claim which is covered by the Allianz-Tiriac home insurance, the claim needs to be notified to the Claim Center:

  • In maximum 24H in case of theft
  • In maximum 5 working days, in case of the other types of claims.
  • In case of a claim, you need to identify and remove the causes of it and to take measurements to limit the damages
  • In case of a natural catastrophy (earthquake, floods or landslides) contact the institutions which are close to the damage place. The instituties will assest the event, will declare disaster condition and will delimit the disaster areas. The institutioons you need to contact are: I.S.U county units and the city hall, through the Volunteer Service of Emergency Situation.
  • Also, you need to keep the damaged assets for the Allianz-Tiriac assessment process.

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