• Dedicated phone number, with no additional costs for the insured: 0800 896 335
  • You receive the Second medical opinion report in about 10 business days after providing all information
  • In case the diagnosis is disconfirmed or an alternative treatment plan is prescribed, the case manager will guide you through the next steps.
In addition to the Second medical opinion service, Navigator offers:
  • Counselling regarding the selection of the treatment option
  • Provision of a cost estimate covering the treatment plan and any potential complications of the medical case
  • Facilitation regarding the acceptance of the insured person by the treatment solution provider
  • Collaborative interventions to determine that the care and treatment solution selected is adequate for the medical case
  • Provision of an assessment of the prescribed medication
  • Provision of assistance for organizing transportation, coordinating evacuation, hotel services involved in the treatment solution.
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