Allianz-Tiriac removes barriers
in healthcare and provides clients with a virtual assistant 

  • With the help of DoctorChat, clients with health insurances have access to doctors through a simple SMS or directly from WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, without an appointment.
  • DoctorChat takes over any question or concern related to your health and confidentiality is ensured.
  • DoctorChat is available 24/7, even without internet connection.

Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari, leader on the health insurance market, removes barriers in healthcare generated by the Coronavirus crisis and provides its clients with a virtual assistant, DoctorChat, which offers, in just a few minutes, answers to medical problems and concerns, without an appointment.

DoctorChat, an innovating solution based on artificial intelligence, is the result of a collaboration with Allianz Partners, part of Allianz Group.

What differentiates DoctorChat from other remote medical consulting services is the ease of access, the speed at which responses are generated, as well as the fact that access to GP recommendations is done directly via SMS or through clients’ favorite apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber. The service can be accessed 24/7 and does not require the installation of a dedicated app.

Any health-related concern can be addressed through DoctorChat, from questions such as “How do I interpret the result of these blood tests?”, “I forgot to take my medicines on time, what do I do?”, up to “May the following symptoms … be the signs of an infection with Coronavirus?”.

The service is already available to all clients who have an Allianz-Tiriac health insurance and the number of questions that can be addressed is unlimited. 

Marilena Barliga, Director Market Management and Communication, Allianz-Tiriac: “The current context has showed us once again how important healthcare is, but at the same time, has raised difficulties for patients in accessing certain routine medical services. Through DoctorChat, clients with health insurances offered by Allianz-Tiriac can have quick access to medical advice via SMS, without the need for an internet connection or a smart phone. Thus, we eliminate any unnecessary worries our clients might have and we offer an alternative to accessing uncertified information over the internet”.

To access DoctorChat, clients must follow two to four simple steps, according to the means of communication chosen.

Thus, when connecting through your favorite app, the steps are as follows:

1.    Activate the DoctorChat account on

2.    Enter the CNP (Personal Identification Number), name, telephone number and e-mail address

3.    Select the preferred communication app (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

4.    You can start a conversation with DoctorChat.

If the client is not connected to internet, DoctorChat can be activated by sending an SMS containing the CNP at +40 371 700 807. After sending the SMS, clients can start using DoctorChat.

The artificial intelligence technology, lying at the core of DoctorChat, implies an automatic learning process that helps the platform improve with every interaction, also ensuring that the best physician is assigned according to the situation.

All information transmitted through DoctorChat is encrypted, confidentiality of conversations is ensured and the names and contact details of users are not transmitted without permission even to the doctors who treat the particular cases. 

About Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari

Allianz-Tiriac is part of the German Allianz Group, one of the largest financial and insurance services providers and the most valuable insurance brand in the world according to the latest Interbrand assessment. In Romania, the company has enjoyed financial stability and clients’ trust for over 25 years.

Our role is to be there for people, to show them how to manage the unpredictable in their lives and to guide them so they can maintain and improve the quality of life, communities they are part of and their businesses. The success of Allianz-Tiriac lies in the team of over 4,000 professionals who are behind each company success.

Responsibility, cooperation, integrity and trust are the values that define us.

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