UniCredit Bank and Allianz-Tiriac reaffirm their customer centered approach by launching Optim Invest, a new insurance-based investment product created by Allianz-Tiriac and distributed through UniCredit Bank S.A. The product provides clients with the opportunity to invest a part of the insurance premium to purchase units in the structured financial instrument issued by UniCredit Bank A.G.*, which combines investing in bonds with investing in an option with the EURO STOXX 50 stock index as underlying asset. The investment component of the product generates both a maturity value of 122% of the number of purchased units, as well as a potential additional gain determined by the evolution of the EURO STOXX 50 index over the next 10 years.

In addition, Optim Invest also includes a life insurance component, and in case of an unforeseen event, the policy beneficiary collects the insured amount plus the value of the investment account. The insured amount is 100% of the insurance premium in case of death by accident and 10% of the insurance premium in case of death by illness.

Virgil Soncutean, CEO, Allianz-Tiriac: “The product developed in partnership with UniCredit Bank is an investment option in the current low investment rate economic environment, but also a solution to protect the loved ones in case of an undesirable event. Optim Invest fits perfectly the needs of clients wanting to invest for their medium- and long-term financial plans or to save for retirement or for their children’s financial security.  With Optim Invest, clients benefit from the experience of two solid companies, specialized in risk management – Allianz-Tiriac – and investments – UniCredit Bank.”
Laura Crintea, Head of Insurance Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, UniCredit Bank: “We want to offer products as interesting and as relevant as possible to our customers looking for alternative solutions to diversify their investments. The product proposed by Allianz-Tiriac based on a financial instrument issued by Unicredit Bank A.G., combines well the advantages of an average risk investment product, offering protection for the invested capital, with the comfort provided by the life insurance included”.

Optim Invest addresses customers aged between 18 and 65. The minimum premium per contract is 10,000 lei and the maximum amount that can be invested by a single customer is 240,000 lei.

Note: “Uni-linked life insurance” means an investment product based on insurance (within the meaning of Law 236/2018).

* HypoVereinsbank is the most important bank in Germany and is part of the UniCredit Group, a successful Pan European Commercial Bank. Starting with its leading position in the banking sector, the bank provides products and services that meet the latest standards - 24/7, online, by mobile equipment and through its subsidiaries.

About UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank is part of UniCredit, a strong Pan European Commercial Bank with an integrated Corporate and Investment banking services system, providing for its 26 million customer pool a unique Western, Central and Eastern European network. The Group is present in Romania through: UniCredit Bank, UniCredit Consumer Financing, UniCredit Leasing Corporation, UniCredit Insurance Broker, UniCredit Leasing Fleet Management and UniCredit Solutions.

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About Allianz-Tiriac

Allianz-Tiriac is part of the German Allianz Group, one of the largest providers of financial and insurance services in the world, with a history of 129 years. In Romania, the company has enjoyed financial stability and the trust of its clients for 25 years. Our role is to be there for people, to show them how to manage the unpredictable in their lives and to guide them so they can maintain and improve the quality of life or of their business. Right from the beginning, one of the constant interests of Allianz-Tiriac was to develop products and services of the highest quality. Clients can access Allianz-Tiriac products and services either online via the Allianz-Tiriac Mobile app, or through the national network of distribution partners.

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