Allianz-Tiriac: additional measures
to support clients in the context
of the spread of COVID-19

Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari has taken additional measures to help its clients remain in control of the situation in the context of the spread of COVID-19 nationwide:

  • by facilitating remote risk surveys;
  • by facilitating remote loss assessments, based on electronic submission by the clients (individuals and legal entities) of the documents required and pictures of the damage, without being required to meet with a claims adjuster.

In case of motor claims:

  • it is not necessary to go to an assessment center and directly interact with the adjuster. The measure does not apply in case of total loss or theft.

In case of property claims:

  • by promoting assessments of the damage to the insured property carried out by individual clients (self-assessment).
  • by assessing damage to property by means of Allianz-Tiriac claims representatives providing remote assistance for all insureds (individuals and legal entities).
  • these measures are applicable depending on the damage severity and the assessments performed by the claims specialists; clients will receive adequate instructions regarding claims handling.

In case of life and health claims:

  • Allianz-Tiriac has already implemented electronic platforms for the claim notification and handling, already known among clients and business partners.

The mentioned measures are only a part of the actions implemented by Allianz-Tiriac Allianz-Țiriac so far and aim to protect the health of our customers, employees, collaborators and partners, by minimizing interactions and movement on field.

Marilena Barliga, Director of the Market Management and Communication Division: "The digital solutions for the purchase of policies and claim handling process developed by Allianz-Tiriac prove to be very useful in this difficult period. At the same time, our clients can rely on over 2,500 consultants who are ready to provide guidance and offer the best insurance solutions for our clients and their loved ones through alternative means of communication - telephone, video call. Allianz-Tiriac proves once again that it is a reliable and responsible partner for its clients". 

In addition, although risks posed by an illness that begins in the context of a pandemic are excluded from coverage under most insurance policies for individuals, Allianz-Tiriac decided to analyze on a case by case basis any possible situations of COVID-19 among its clients.

Main recommendations of Allianz-Tiriac for its clients:

  • We encourage our clients to use electronic and phone communication with our agents and consultants. Also, they can access information about the Allianz-Tiriac services via our website and the portal
  • Clients can purchase motor, home and travel policies, notify claims (for motor, home, travel, health or life policies) and pay insurance premiums online.
  • Beside purchase of policies (MTPL and travel), the Allianz-Tiriac Mobile app allows payment of premiums and claim notification, as well as viewing insurance policies and due payments notifications, making changes to life policies with investment component (unit transfers, premium redirections and additional payments), viewing the investment account status or modifying personal data.
  • Allianz-Tiriac also offers its clients the Claims Tracker service - a 100% digital solution to track how Motor claims are settled for individuals.

We assure all our clients and partners that Allianz-Tiriac has business continuity plans in place that will be progressively activated depending on the events, so that services operate in appropriate parameters and clients continue unaffected.

Allianz-Tiriac remains a reliable partner for its clients.

About Allianz-Tiriac

Allianz-Tiriac is part of the German Allianz Group, one of the largest providers of financial and insurance services in the world, with a history of 129 years. In Romania, the company has enjoyed financial stability and the trust of its clients for 25 years. Our role is to be there for people, to show them how to manage the unpredictable in their lives and to guide them so they can maintain and improve the quality of life or of their business. Right from the beginning, one of the constant interests of Allianz-Tiriac was to develop products and services of the highest quality. Clients can access Allianz-Tiriac products and services either online via the Allianz-Tiriac Mobile app, or through the national network of distribution partners.

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