• Accessing medical services by phone or online video
  • Consultations for numerous medical specialties
  • Issue of medical report, prescription and recommendation for further medical investigations
  • Access to other services like Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Access  allianz.hilio.com and register using an address you can access anytime & set up a password
  • Enter your account, see the Dashboard section that opens automatically, access the Benefits section, down the page, and add the Free medical sessions with Hilio’s doctors 
  • Click on the option  “Through a Partner/ Provider” and then select Allianz-Țiriac   
  • Introduce your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and activate the free remote medical sessions
  • Select the medical specialty which is right for your medical needs, as well as: the doctor, the day and time for your appointment
  • You receive a notification confirming the appointment, after registration of the request
  • You may activate the option to receive notifications with 1 hour, 15 and 5 minutes before the medical session
  • In your Hilio (ex-ATLAS) account you have all the medical information together with the electronic subscription.
If you have problems regarding access, please contact: help@hilio.com.  
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