• Don’t use the phone without the hands-free device while driving, as it will take your focus off the road and put both you and others in danger
  • Don’t drink alcohol and don’t drive if you feel tired
  • Pay attention to speed limits and traffic signs. They are intended for your and the others’ safety.
  • Take a short break every two hours of driving to rest physically and mentally
  • Make sure that your phone battery is charged or that you have a charger in your car for long travels
  • When you tow another vehicle, make sure that it is correctly attached to your car.
  • Reduce speed when visibility is low, the road surface is wet, covered in ice or snow, so that you can also stop safely in unexpected situations
  • Equip your car with winter tires
  • Before beginning your trip, get informed on the weather and road conditions
  • In winter, make sure that your car is equipped with a snow shovel and tire chains
  • Avoid driving behind trucks / large vehicles on snowy days; snow or ice could fall on your vehicle
  • Avoid parking under tall trees or in places prone to fall of rocks, ice or snow.
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