Remote medical services

During this period, maintaining health is the main concern of each of us.

Out of concern for our clients, we decided to provide them with a free remote medical consulting service and to extend the coverage of individual and group health insurance policies.

Starting with April 15, 2020, thanks to the partnership with Medicover, we offer all clients who have a SanaPlan or SanaPro insurance policy in force the possibility to benefit from free remote medical advice.

This service offers clients direct access to over 100 doctors and numerous medical specialties: general medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, diabetes and nutrition, cardiology, epidemiology, etc.

Video medical consultations online or by phone are available from Monday to Sunday, between 08.00-20.00 (except public holidays) by accessing the link, as well as through the ATLAS application - Healthy mind & body, available for systems iOS and Android.

Thus, clients can obtain competent medical advice and specialized assistance, remaining safe in their own home. The remote medical consulting service is available until March 31, 2021.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to expand the coverage of individual and group health insurance policies to better meet the protection needs of our customers.

During the state of emergency, the cost of medical consultations performed remotely, by telephone or online will be covered, according to the coverage limits provided in the insurance contract, at clinics in the Allianz-Tiriac partner network or in any other private medical clinics in Romania, if the contract insurance provides coverage outside the network of partners.

The settlement of the expenses will be made by reimbursement, after approving a damage in the Allianz-Tiriac mobile application or on 

For medical conditions occurring between April 15th – July 15th, 2020 or earlier up to 2 months at the most before the establishment of the state of emergency:

  • The validity period of recommendations and referrals accepted for the notification of insured events is extended from 90 days to 180 days.
  • Coverage is provided for the costs of medically justified services accessed during the Sanaplan policy period for acute disease and acute flare-ups of chronic and/or pre-existing conditions, within 180 days at the most from on-set, as compared to the maximum 90-day term set out for such events in the insurance conditions
  • Coverage is provided for the costs of medically justified services accessed during the health insurance policy period within 270 days at the most from the date of the accident, as compared to the maximum 180-day term set out for accidents in the insurance conditions

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