for your employees health

  • 3 main insurance plans - AMBULATORY, HOSPITALIZATION and DENTISTRY, depending on the desired level of protection
  • Flexibility in choosing the coverage configuration - up to 3 different packages under the same insurance contract, purchased depending on the specific needs of the company and employees
  • Access to over 1000 locations of Allianz-Tiriac's medical service partners
  • Fiscal facilities - deductibility up to 400 euro / year / person insured for both the employer and the employee.

Discover SanaPlan main benefits

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Ambulatory plan

It covers the risk of accident and illness and includes the following categories of medical services provided on an outpatient basis:

  • Primary medicine consultations and over 25 clinical and surgical medical specialties
  • Emergency non-surgical treatment to restore health, in a consultation covered by the policy
  • The second medical opinion - an expertise service in case of a complex diagnosis or treatment
  • Laboratory medical tests
  • Basic and advanced medical investigations, such as: functional explorations, endoscopic procedures, ultrasounds, radiographs, CT, MRI, etc.
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Hospitalization plan

Covers the risk of accident and illness and includes medical services provided in conditions of continuous hospitalization:

  • Specialized medical consultations
  • Laboratory medical tests and medical investigations provided in hospital
  • Medicines and medical supplies provided in hospital.
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Dentistry plan
Covers restorative dental treatment as a result of a work or road accident, as well as dental treatment as a result of a medical need:
  • Restorative dental treatment
  • Treatment of dental medical emergencies (acute pain, inflammation, injuries, dento-alveolar traumas)
Allianz-Tiriac encourages you to take care of your health, while remaining safe and comfortable in your home, by using one or all two available free remote medical services.

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