• Financial protection for damages caused to cereals, vegetables, fodder and technical plants
  • Flexibility in establishing and paying the insurance premium.

An insurance suitable for your business

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Crops are exposed to climate risks that cannot be anticipated or controlled, which generate significant losses
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In order to protect your investment, it is necessary to be insured
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Agricultural crop insurance helps you stay in control of the situation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To conclude an insurance for agricultural crops, are required the following documents:
  • Requests - questionnaire and specification of the crops to be insured (provided by Allianz-Tiriac)
  • Outline - situation plan (A4 / A3 format), signed and stamped, showing the location of the crops that are intended to be insured
  • The estimated estimate of the direct technological production costs to be made for the respective crop(s).

Compensation in case of damage to agricultural crops is paid after damage assessment, depending on:

  • The proportion of damage depending on the degree of destruction - respectively total damage or partial damage - and depending on the level of expenses incurred up to the time of damage
  • Degree of destruction (damage) - the percentage ratio between the value of the average production loss as a result of the event and the value of the average reference production registered in the insurance policy.

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