• Financial protection of the insured person, for damages caused unintentionally by violating the obligations specific to his profession
  • Protection regarding the fulfillment of some potential legal requirements specific to the profession or imposed so that the insured can acquire the quality of member of the professional organization
  • Increased credibility in the relationship with the beneficiaries of the services.

A suitable insurance for your business

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Failure to fulfill professional obligations as a result of errors, omissions or negligence may result in prejudice to clients
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In order to protect yourself in such unpleasant situations, it is necessary to be insured
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Professional liability insurance protects you and your business budget

Want to notify a claim?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The main exclusions are:
  • Own damages of the insured person
  • Injuries intentionally caused by the insured person
  • Contractual penalties or damages
  • Damages that are covered by other specific policies (for example: MTPL)
  • Damages arising from the insolvency or bankruptcy of the insured.
The precedence period represent a period before the entry into force of the policy in which deeds committed by the insured are covered and which result in claims received by the insured during the insurance period.

If you want to use the benefits of liability insurance, please send us the following documents:

  • Description of the event together with the value of the resulting damage
  • The claim made by the injured party against you
  • Other documents requested by Allianz-Tiriac at the time of analyzing the situation described.

An Allianz-Tiriac representative will ascertain and assess the damage. The value of the indemnities is established either on the basis of the amicable agreement between the three parties involved (Allianz-Tiriac, the insured and the injured third party), or by a final court decision, based on which Allianz-Tiriac will pay the indemnity.


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