• Protection for managers and company assets
  • Fulfilling the legal requirements regarding the obligation to insure the managers of joint stock companies.

A suitable insurance for your business

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Business decisions can sometimes have unpleasant consequences, likely to affect your assets or even your reputation
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In order to protect yourself in such unpleasant situations it is necessary to be insured
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The insurance for manager liability protects your business

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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The period of precedence 
  • Loss limiting expenses 
  • Emergency costs 
  • Discovery period (extended) 
  • Notification of circumstances 
  • Extradition and other procedures (expenses) 
  • Defense costs in case of culpable homicide 
  • Defense costs related to pollution 
  • Automatic coverage of new affiliates 
  • Automatic hedging for new public offerings of securities
  • Expenses with civil or criminal guarantees / sureties Image restoration costs 
  • Civil and administrative fines.

Individual policy - is concluded by a natural person who holds a managerial position in a company.


Policy per company - is concluded by a company (SA, SRL) as a contractor, for all managerial positions, according to the organizational chart. The policy is global, without naming the insured persons. The insured persons are the natural persons who were, are or will be the occupants of the managerial positions during the insurance period.

According to the legal provisions, the following managerial positions must conclude insurance: members of the Board of Directors, members of the Board of Directors, members of the Supervisory Board (for audited companies with dual management system).

The managerial positions that can be secured are:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Administrator
  • CEO 
  • Deputy General Manager 
  • Executive Director 
  • Any other director who has the authority of the general manager.

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