• An alternative to the letter of bank warranty
  • Increased liquidity as a result of the release of the amounts withheld from the invoices by the beneficiaries
  • Unlocking the movable, real estate and / or monetary warranties constituted in favor of the banks on account of the bank warranty letters.

An insurance suitbale for your business

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Business progress requires financial stability and the guarantee that investments are safe, regardless of external factors that may negatively influence them
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In order to protect yourself in such unpleasant situations it is necessary to be insured
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The insurance of contractual warranties offers you financial protection and support for the development of your business

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The insurance for contractual warranties issued by Allianz-Tiriac does not affect in any way the working capital or the loan facilities of the insured companies.

In contrast, warranties issued by banks are always counter-guaranteed with collateral deposits, material guarantees, assignment of receivables or are included in the lending facilities of the requesting company, which means blocked money. Also, all the blocked money are the warranties constituted in the form of deductions from the value of the executed works. The insurance for contractual warranties is a viable alternative to warranties constituted by blocking money or blocking material counter-guarantees (pledges / mortgages) that could be used to obtain additional sources of financing.
  • creditworthiness / solvency of the guaranteed company
  • the capacity of the commercial company for the good execution of the contract for which it requests the guarantee / bond. 

The alternative to bank warranties, Allianz - Tiriac insurance for contractual warranties is equivalent to bank payment commitments. Therefore, the issuance of warranties is made following an analysis equivalent to the analysis of credit risk (analysis of the economic and financial situation of the applicant company, the conditions of execution of the basic contract for which the guarantee is requested and the counter-guarantees proposed to be established in favor Allianz - Tiriac), in conditions of minimal risks. 

If the risk analysis shows that the conditions for issuing the requested warranty/warranties are met, the price and counter-guarantee conditions will be negotiated. The applicable premium rates vary depending on the type of warranty, the warranty period, the solvency / creditworthiness of the guaranteed client, the business risk and the type / size / quality of the counter-guarantees (collateral guarantees constituted by the client).