• Possibility to benefit from medical treatment abroad for certain serious medical conditions
  • Coverage of expenses for treatment, accommodation and transport
  • Second medical opinion after reviewing the medical file.
Choosing the right treatment out of the best 3 treatment plans proposals outside Romania

A fast and simple claim process

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File your claim online or in Allianz-Tiriac branches
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Protection in case of occured insured risks.
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Rely on us in case of critical illness.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Declaring COVID-19 as pandemic risk by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11th, 2020 does not, in any way, affect the coverage of the Tratament optim in strainatate rider regarding serious diseases. The coverages remain in force as provided in the insurance conditions.

The questionnaires signed by the Insured for the Tratament optim in strainatate serious medical conditions additional clause are accepted in electronic format (scan, photo) and the original documents are to be collected when the activities return to normal and we return to standard sales and contract administration processes.

However, the rapid international spread of the new coronavirus may make it difficult to access medical services in some countries. Such difficulties are caused by external factors, such as cancellation of flights, restrictions imposed by the authorities (e.g. closing borders, hospitals etc.).

In all medical cases where the listed restrictions appear, we will analyse the situation together with our partner Further and we will identify the best solutions for our insureds.

 The Critical illness Best Doctors rider is a complex service through the customer receives the diagnosis confirmation and he can choose the proper treatment betweent 3 treatment options. The travel, accommodation and treatment arragements will be setup by the medical provider. Self-treatment abroad is not covered.
The rider offers coverage in case of the following medical affections: cancer, coronary bypass surgery, heart valve replacement or repair surgery, neurosurgery (intracranial surgery and spinal cord surgery), organ donation from a living donor, bone marrow transplant.
The children of the insured person, as well as the spouse, can also be taken into insurance.